5 cost-effective improvements that can help sell your house

On a shelf at the hardware store, a can of paint is worth around $30. On a wall in your home, it can be worth hundreds of dollars.

When putting your home on the market, it’s natural to want to make some improvements so it will attract a buyer. But knowing what to do is important. Doing the wrong things and spending too much doing them can be counterproductive.


Which brings us to paint. After living in your home for several years, its surfaces can become dull and worn. A fresh coat of paint brightens everything, creating a clean “new” vibe to even an older home. Just be sure to choose a soft, neutral color.

New hardware

Another low-cost, high-yielding improvement is to replace all the vent covers and light switch plates. While you’re at it, consider replacing brass hinges on interior doors if they have become discolored.

The kitchen

The kitchen can be make or break when it comes to selling a home, but be careful, kitchen renovations are expensive. Instead, look for areas where you can make minor changes to brighten the room. Instead of replacing cabinets, consider painting them.

Kitchens are important but highly personal. Chances are, the buyer will want it to reflect his or her tastes. The important thing is for the present kitchen to look clean and inviting. You don’t need to purchase new appliances, but the appliances that are there should be clean and working properly.

Invest in granite countertops? Not everyone likes granite. If you think the kitchen isn’t up to par, consider offering a generous kitchen improvement allowance in exchange for a full price offer.


Next, take a good look at your floors. If you have soiled, worn carpet it may be necessary to replace it. If wood flooring is underneath, the cheaper option is to have the floors redone. It’s hard to go wrong with wood floors these days and choosing a rug carries a bit more risk. If you do have to replace carpet, go with a neutral color and subtle texture.

If carpets are not in bad shape, you may be able to get away with professionally shampooing them.

Curb appeal

Finally, spruce up the curb appeal. Landscaping is not expensive and goes a long way to making a good first impression. Put down fresh mulch and consider planting some shrubs or flowers. Keep the lawn mowed and free of debris.

With these five improvements, you home will show better and help you find a buyer faster.



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