Do Realtors have magic cameras?

house photo

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but you have to be able to trust the pictures.

Have you ever looked on one of the real estate search sites, found a beautiful house with a large kitchen, bathroom, master bedroom and a great looking basement only to be shocked when your Realtor opens the door for your first viewing? Could this be the same house you saw online? Now that you think back, that refrigerator and dishwasher did look a little wider than normal, the picture of the bathroom was at a funny angle, and the bad lighting in that basement photo didn’’t show the problems with the drywall.

So beware, photos can be distorted and rooms look larger and better than they really are. Also, many cosmetic flaws simply don’t show up in photographs.

Ideally, a listing should have between 15 to 20 or more pictures showing the inside and outside of the home. The owner can put as many photos of their home online as they please, and if there are a lot of beautiful rooms, you can bet they will have photos.

Hiding something?

Beware of houses with fewer than 10 photos and those that do not show the kitchen, bathroom or living room. Zero photos indicate out of date or damaged rooms, which can be translated into big buck renovations for the buyer. On the other hand, if you are looking for a fixer-upper, and plan to make a low offer, a house with on interior photographs might be one you want to put on your list. It’s probably a mess inside.

Another point when viewing photographs online, get past the bad paint colors and that ugly living room furniture. Paint is cheap and that bad furniture will be gone when you buy the house.

It is amazing how cluttered some rooms are, especially children’’s bedrooms and kitchens, but look past all of that and imagine how you can make this space your own. If you can look past the superficial flaws and others can’t, the house may linger on the market for a while, giving you added bargaining power.



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